Nobita finds a ticket to become a detective, but loses. Doraemon gives him a detective set.


As Nobita is walking down the street, he finds a flyer lying down saying that he could get a chance to be detective. He kept it with him. Nobita decided to show Suneo, who happened to have the same thing.

Fast forward 5 days later, and Suneo gets to become the detective. This leaves Nobita angered, and rushes to Doraemon who just happens to have a gadget called the "Sherlock Set." Nobita took it and looked for cases. When he found his first case, he finds out Gian and Suneo are in big help. When he tried to solve the case, he found out that they were just joking and said they were gullible.

The next day, Nobita found out Shizuka's house has just been robbed by a thief. Nobita and Doraemon rush to the scene and finds out the mask used to gag her was laden with invisible prints. He said that he could've had been alleged in a dirty group of robbers. He then decided to use the radar stick included to look for the criminal. At each point, they used the radar stick. When they find the robber, he gets confused and flicks the brim of his hat. Doraemon finds out he is the culprit, but the culprit gives him a glass of juice. But before he could drink it, he was being told that one of the glasses contain iocane powder, a poison that is odorless, tasteless, and could dissolve easily in liquid. As he is challenged to a battle of wits, he finds the glass without the iocane powder. They drink the juice, and the culprit dies. Doraemon and Nobita go home, only to be interrupted by Suneo, who was the loser in the detective game.

Trivia and Allusions

  • The battle of wits scene is an allusion to Princess Bride.
  • This fan episode and another canon episode are strikingly similar.

Nobita's wit

The original is from Vat19. Just changed it.

"It's not in both glasses, right? And that's been done before. Yours is on the left, and the other word for left handed is sinister. Your dad is from Australia, a land settled by untrustworthy criminals. So I know I can't trust you, even when you said you spiked one of the drinks. You used to be a prankster when you were a kid, now you kill people with the thing used to kill hidden in plain sight. Simple, your glass is tainted."

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