The main title character of the series. He is robotic gadget cat from the future. He loves to eat Dorayaki. He has come to 20th Century to take care Nobita Nobi, so he and his descendants could have a better future.

Nobita Nobi

Nobita is a 5th grader and the main protagonist of The New Doraemon Show. He was failure until Doraemon came to aid him. He has only three talents shooting, sleeping and cats cradle. His love interest is Shizuka Minamoto.

Shizuka Minamoto

Shizuka is the deutergonist of The New Doraemon Show and is a smart, attractive girl. She made good cookies. She has a love for sweet potatoes, bathing and violin, which causes problems.

Suneo Honekawa

Suneo is the tritagonist and a semi-antagonist of the series. He loves to show off as he is a rich kid. His dad is the owner of a big company and has many friends. Even if he had many things, he can sometimes jealous too and is also very selfish.

Takeshi( Gian )Goda

Gian is the secondary tritagonist and the antagonist of the series. He is a bully who loves to sing but sings badly. He is the protector of his little sister, Jaiko. His fear is his own mom.


Dorami is a recurring character of the series. She is Doraemon,s sister. She likes to Melon-breads. She has appeared in many episodes.

Tamako Nobi

Tamako is Nobitas mother and is a semi-antagonist of the series.

Nobisuke Nobi

Nobisuke is Nobitas dad and a minor antagonist of the series.

Sewashi Nobi

Sewashi is Nobitas great-great grandson.

Hidetoshi Dekisugi

Dekisugi is a smart boy in the school. He is Nobitas rival and because of it, he is an antagonist of the show.


Jaiko is Gian,s sister and a minor antagonist.

Moteo Mote

He is Jaiko,s friend.

Gian, mother

She is Gian,s mother.

Suneo, Dad and Mom

They are the parents of Suneo.


He is Suneo, cousin.

Gian,s father

He is Gian,s father.

Gian,s uncle

He is the uncle of Gian.

Suneo,s cousin

He is the cousin of Suneo.

Shizukas mother

She is Shizukas mother.


Shizukas dog.


Shizukas Canary.

Yoshio Minamoto

He is Shizukas father.

Yasuo and Haruo

The two boys who loves to play baseball and are Nobitas frenemies.


The semi-antagonist of series and a spoiled girl.


Nobitas dinosaur.


Alien Rabbit.


He is a boy from Koya Koya Planet.


Lopper,s elder sister.


A villain who wants to destroy Doraemon and Nobita along with Koya Koya Planet.


Morinas Dad.

Black Man

An evil villain who wants to capture Pisuke.


An evil monster who wants to destroy Doraemon, Nobita and Planet Earth.


Army of Demaon.


A girl who knows magic.

Mr. Magician

Miyokos father.


A mermaid princess.

Robot Army

The army of robots who want to make humans their slaves.


A robot who can sing.


A girl robot.


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