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From: JoikiHarles234


Nobita called by Suneo, Suneo Says " Giant is Angry! He says that he see you hrow his old comic".Nobita fearfully go to the vacant lot, Giant Says  Angrilly : " How dare you throw my own comic!". Then Giant Beats Nobita at least 20 hit! Nobita sadly Go Back to his home . Doraemon Knows That. Then He Gave Nobita a Secret Gadget Weapon, the Super Laser Gun. Then Nobita comes to the vacant lot (again) to get his revenge to Giant, Giant Saw Him and says " Wanna Beaten again Huh,Nobita?". Before Giant could beat him, Nobita Launch The , Giant Electouded at Least 10 minutes till he says " Forgive MEEEE!!!" Nobita stops the laser and laugh evilly. THE END



  • Nobita Nobi
  • Takeshi "Gian" Gouda
  • Suneo Honekawa (voice only)
  • Doraemon


  • JoikiHarles234


Super Laser Gun

The Super Laser Gun

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