Sunetsugu Honekawa
骨川 スネツグ Honekawa Sunetsugu
Character information
Status: Alive
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 7 or 8
Nationality: Japanese American
Habitat: New York
Personality: Naive, Innocent, Mannerful, Cheerfu
Idol: Suneo Honekawa
Physical characteristics
Hair color: Brown (1979 anime)

Black (2005 anime)

Skin color: Peach
Eye color: Black
Parents: Mr. Honekawa

Mrs. Honekawa

Siblings: Suneo Honekawa (older brother)
Other relatives: Sunekichi Honekawa (cousin)

Suneki Honekawa (future nephew)

Background infomation
First appeared: Image Light Cap
Japanese seiyū: Naoki Tatsuta (1985), Yuki Kaida (2006)
Yes! I really love and respect him! Onii chan is my idol!

Sunetsugu Honekawa (骨川 スネツグ Honekawa Sunetsugu) is Suneo's younger brother who lives in New York with his uncle (who is single and raises him like a son). He is around seven or eight years old. The reason why he lives in New York instead of with his family is currently unknown.

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