Shizuka, as shown in this episode.

We can't play in the park anymore! is the 2nd episode of "Doraemon and the Martinez sisters".


Lily goes to the park, but Shizuka refuses to let them play there, stating that it is "her park". Intent on revenge, the sisters buy the playground in which Shizuka and her friends play everyday.


Lily saw some kids playing on some ground (The one where Doraemon's friends play in) and wants go play there. 

The sisters reach the ground, where Shizuka and her friends, Miko, Sakura and Yuuki, are playing. 

Shizuka: What are you doing here? 

Lily: I wanted to play here, so- 

Shizuka: I don't care! We were here first! 

Lily: Couldn't we split the park in half and you take half, I take half kind of thing? 

Yuuki: Shut up, Lily. Or is your name Smelly? 

Sakura: Yeah, always behaving like you're a princess and the rest of us are commoners! 

Lily leaves the park and goes home. 

Riley-Mackenzie; Hmm,we're millioners huh, Why don't we buy the park[ 

Sophia:Great idea ! sis 

The next day, Shizuka and her friends come to the park,And see a fun house, They try to step in ,And read a board which says {Belongs to to the Martinez sisters} 

shizuka:[stomps] NOW!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE DO WE PLAY? 

Jessie: instead do your homework 

sophia:While we play and have fun 

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