Samantha Wilson
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Japanese name: サマンサ·ウィルソン
(Samansa Wiruson)
English Name: Samantha Wilson
Chinese name: 萨曼莎·威尔逊
(Sàmànshā Wēi'ěrxùn)
Korean name: 사만다 윌슨
(Samanda Wilseun)
Character Information
Age: 16
Birthday: August 9
Height: 5"3
Mother: Ayumi Aihara
Father: Mark Wilson
Sibling/s: 5 Siblings (Unknown names)
Friends: Aimy Lee
School Information
Grade: 7th-8th Grade
Class: Class F
Student No.: 07-0809-06
IQ: 50-70
Dorm Information
Dorm No.: 345
Roomate: Amily Akimoto
Talent Information
Talents & Abilities: Cheerleading, Singing
Special: Singing very high notes
Likes: Dating, Dresses, Being popular
Dislikes: Not good looking boys
Not having a partner on prom
Background Information
Seiyu: N/A
Created by: Hiroppi
Date created: April-May 2015
Venus Samantha Anne Wilson or Samantha Wilson in short (Japanese:サマンサ·ウィルソン Samansa Wiruson) was a deuteragonist in the series called Nobita's Stories: Teen Life.


Samantha was born at America by her Japanese mother and Chinese-American father. She the second youngest in the family. When she was three years old, her family moved on Tokyo, Japan. She was enrolled to a expensive private school. However due to her behavior and her IQ, she was transfered into other private schools. After graduating, all of the private schools don't accept her, so she was forced to enroll a public school where in Nobita and his friends enrolled to.


She was interested in Fashion. Every episode, her dresses/clothes were different. She was beautiful, and she boasts this with her classmates. She was showned too that she was a little jealous to Shizuka, since unlike her , smart and good at cooking that some boys appreciate her.



Shewas part of the Cheerleading Squad, after the current leader graduated, Samantha replaces her as the leader.


She was extremely good at singing. However, some of her friends annoyed at her talent, which she thinks that they are jealous.



The group founded by Samantha. The members of the group were rich

Aimy Lee

Best friend of Samantha. She is Samantha's closest friend among the other members. Since their parents know each other, they already know each other even before the series.

Kiriko Ayukawa

They don't interact each other much, but Samantha considers her as a friend.

Ayame Horio

Shizuka Minamoto

Nobita Nobi

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