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Rainbow Dora
Rainbow Dora
Character Information
Full NameRainbow Dora

Rainbow-kun (by Doraemon)

SpeciesRobot cat
Birthday6th July
Place of BirthMatsushiba Robot Factory
HomeDora Rinho's clubhouse
Sibling/sDora rinho (older brother)
Other RelativesDorazaki (cousin)
FriendsThe Doraemons



Dora rinho (sometimes)


Ice cream and candy Dora rinho

DislikesDora rinho scolding him

Doraemon ignoring him
Gloominess or sadness

Talents & AbilitiesMaking people happy
Character Backround
Created bySuneo
Date Created7th May 2015
InspirationRainbow Dash(name and coloring)

Pinkie Pie(most of personality)
Scootaloo(minor part of personality)
Other parts of him were created by me and wasn't based on anyone

Rainbow Dora is a character created by Suneo. He is a multicoloured robot cat, hence his name Rainbow Dora.

PS: Rainbow Dora's base was created by Emilioalzamora20. Colouring was done by me.


Rainbow Dora is a happy-go-lucky robot cat who is always smiling. His older brother is Dora-rinho. He likes eating ice cream and chocolate, his favourite flavour is strawberry. He likes listening to songs and he idolizes Doraemon, he wants to be like Doraemon. Doraemon sometimes gets annoyed by him. Rainbow Dora is a lot like his brother Dora rinho, but less crazy. His favourite colours are rainbow colours. He is also a fan of Avril Lavigne and likes her songs, much to his brother's dismay. Dora rinho really hates Avril Lavigne and keeps telling Rainbow to forget about her, but Rainbow loves most of her songs.

Fun facts

  • He is based on three different MLP characters- his colouring is based on Rainbow Dash, most of his personality is based on Pinkie Pie and his idolizing Doraemon is based on Scootaloo.
  • He is not entirely based on MLP characters, some parts were created by me.
  • Rainbow Dora's first appearance will be in the upcoming short by Dora e253, which is titled Doraemon's Haunted Future.
  • He can speak five different languages fluently-Japanese, English, German, Spanish, and Bengali.
  • He sometimes fits in all of those languages in one sentence, such as: Hola! Kemon achho? Watashi wa Rainbow Dora, and ich liebe ice cream!
    (Translation: Hello! How are you? My name is Rainbow Dora and I love ice cream!)
  • He likes to watch detective shows.

Random game- Guess which phrase is which language in the comments! ;)        

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