The Qazi Family is the family of Samiuddin, the main Male character of series


  • Muhammad Ziauddin FATHER
  • Afshan Qazi (Afshan Qazi Z.Uddin) MOTHER
  • Muhammad Samiuddin Qazi BROTHER
  • Muhammad Humamuddin BROTHER
  • Muhammad Danish-Waqar Ansari BROTHER
  • Muhammad Yasir-Raza Ansari BROTHER
  • Arsh Amian Nieam Ansari SISTER
  • Muhammad Nasir Saud Ansari STEPFATHER
  • Manu Qazi PET
  • Manu`s Brother and Childrens PETS
  • Asifa N.Abbas ANT
  • Naeem Abbas UNCLE
  • Lubabah B.Abbas COUSIN
  • Harris Qazi UNCLE
  • Rehna H.Qazi ANT
  • Madina Qazi COUSIN
  • Kahakashan Qazi ANT
  • Shehzad Rajput UNCLE
  • Hira Qazi COUSIN
  • etc
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