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Character information
Status: Alive
Species: Robot
Gender: Female
Birthdate: April 2
Nationality: Japanese
Career: Spy(undercover)
Nickname: MS-P42, Pa-Chan/San/Kun
Special: Paruka has weapons for defend Sachiko and her friends.
Personality: Intelligent, unconcerned, calm, serious, caring.
Interests: Her era( 22nd century)Nature, Pawaemon, Technology, take care of Sachiko, defend Kashiwazaki family.
Hate: 21st century people (she says they are too lazy) when people makes bad at Sachiko or her friends pervert people.
Fear: Spiders
Favorite food: Dango, Mochi, Takoyaki
Favorite color: Black and white
Physical characteristics
Height: 158 cm
Hair color: Silver
Skin color: Silver
Eye color: Magenta
Owner: Sachiko Kashiwazaki
Friends: Sachiko Kashiwazaki, Doraemon, Pawaemon, Dorami etc.
Background infomation

Paruka (パルカ) is Doraemon Fanon character.

This character belongs to Doraemon fan-Story by SonnyPalù.


Paruka was created at the Matsushiba Robot Factory, on commission from the Kashiwazaki family for have a customized robot for Sachiko. She also has Gadget, and her 4D pocket, is located on the apron of the uniform.


She's a robot cat model, seemingly she's more like an android, Instead of simple baby-sitter like Doraemon, Dorami and another cat-robot model. Its color is silver, as well as its ears, tail and hair. Dress with the maid's uniform as it is at the service of the Kashiwazaki family. When on mission as a spy, she wears a black suit with boots of the same color.


Paruka has a very kind personality and helpful. But often she prefers to stay alone or end her job.


Sachiko Kashiwazaki

Paruka it's like an older sister for Sachiko. they have a special bond. (like an older sister for Sachiko)


Paruka and Dorami are friends, but hates her personality too intrusive.

Sewashi Nobi

Paruka and Sewashi, are good friends.


Her co-worker and best friend.


Another co-worker, and a good friend. Pawaemon's personality, is of particular interest to Paruka.


  • The code name "MS-P42" it means: MS(for Matsushiba) P(for Paruka) and 42 The day it was built (April 2)
  • Her "dere" personality is Kuudere.
  • At first, her name had to be only Ruka.
  • Paruka favourite color is black.
  • Paruka hates people of the 21st century(except for Nobita and his friends) because they were rude, lazy and too many uneducated on the topic "ecology, and cleaning of the earth".
  • She says not interested in love, but when it comes to Pawaemon suddenly she becomes very shy and seems to blush. And when asked about what she is thinking she responds with "No... it's all right ..."
  • She loves very well Sachiko and her family.
  • She's afraid of spiders.
  • She care  a lot on the ecology.
  • She works secretly as a spy, along with Pawaemon and Noramyako.
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