Nobita (pony)
Nobita pony ID
Character Information
Full NameNobita
AliasNobita san (by Shizuka), Nobi chan (by his mom)
SpeciesPegasus pony
Birthday7th August
Place of BirthPonyville
Other RelativesSewashi (cousin)
FriendsShizuka, Suneo, Gian, Doraemon
LikesShizuka, archery
DislikesHomework, school, his mom yelling at him
Talents & AbilitiesArchery
Character Backround
Created bySuneoDash
Date Created17th April 2015
InspirationNobi Nobita
Nobita is the pony counterpart of Nobi Nobita and one of the main characters of My Little Doraemon. He is a pegasus pony and lives in Ponyville. He has a unicorn pony called Doraemon assigned to aid him by Princess Celestia, so he can have a better future.

Chracteristics and Personality

Nobita is a lot like his human version: he does not do well at school, has bad luck with everything and gets bullied by his friends, mostly Gian. But he also has a kind heart and always means to do well. He is considered 'stupid' and 'dumb' by many people, but his friends assure him that he isnt actually. Nobita also has a crush Shizuka, the unicorn counterpart of Shizuka Minamoto.

Cutie Mark

Nobita's cutie mark is a bow and arrow showing his talent at hitting targets and good aim. Fun fact: His cutie mark was originally a bulls eye and arrow instead of a bow, but was changed by SuneoDash.    

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