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Nobita's Stories: Teen Life (のび太のお話:TEEN LIFE Nobita no Ohanashi: Tiin Raifu) is a spin-off series based on Fujiko Fujio's Doraemon. It revolves around Nobita (or Shizuka/Gian/Suneo in some episodes) who faces challenges as a teenager.


After Nobita and his friend graduated, Doraemon leaves him as he is old enough to do things. Nobita as a teen, currently lives in a dorm with his room mate Dekisugi. He enrolled in Nerima High School along with his some of his classmates including Shizuka, Gian & Suneo. Nobita's class was Class-F along with students who has a very low IQ while Shizuka, Gian & Suneo's class was Class-A, Class-C & Class-E respectively. Due to the conflict of Class-A's students, Shizuka volunteers to transfer classes which is Class-F, along with Nobita.


  • Season 1 (Junior Season)
    • First Day at School
    • Stay Away from Him (Kiriko Episode)
    • Aimi's Inner Thoughts
    • A Love Story (1 Hour DaiChou Special)
    • Aimi's Wicked Past (1 Hour Special)
    • Nobita got Rejected?! (1st-part season finale)
    • The Prom Night (2nd-part season finale)
  • Shorts
    • Nobita's Vlog
    • Shizuka's Violin Lessons
    • Lucky Life with Suneo
    • Gian's Cooking Tutorial
  • Season 2 (Senior Season)
    • 10 Years After (1 Hour Special)
    • Bringing Back Old Times (1st-part season finale)
    • Graduation Day  (2nd-part season finale)
    • Doraemon Comes Back ( 3rd-part season finale)
    • Season 3
    • A Tiffin Thief In School
    • Nobitas Holiday


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Name Voice Actor Signature Color
Japanese English Dub Japanese English Dub
Nobita Nobi Noby Nobi Megumi Ohara Johnny Yong Bosch Yellow     
Shizuka Minamoto Sue Morris Yumi Kakazu Cassandra Morris Pink     
Takeshi "Gian" Gouda Takeshi "Big G" Goda Subaru Kimura Kaiji Tang Orange     
Suneo Honekawa Sneech Tomokazu Seki Brian Beacock Green     
Dekisugi Hidetoshi Goody Ace Shihoko Hagino Spike Spencer Turquoise     
Amily Akimoto Emily Akins Megumi Hayashibara Brina Palencia Black     
Chouko Abe Chrissy Adams Miyuki Sawashiro Kira Buckland Light blue     
Daisuke Michimoto Daniel Mickelberry Kappei Yamaguchi Jerry Jewell Blue     
Samantha Wilson Samantha Wilson Aya Hirano Cherami Leigh Violet     
Aimy Ri Aimee Lee Minami Takayama Alison Viktorin Red     
Kiriko Ayukawa Kathleen Aylward Suzuku Mimori Andrea Libman Magenta     
Ayame Horie Ashley Han Emiri Katō Chantal Strand Gray     

Changes in Regular Characters


Nobita's voice got deeper in the middle of the 2nd season. His height got taller than Shizuka & commonly wears T-shirt with jacket.


Shizuka's hair changes by season. Her beauty in the Doraemon series will never change.

  • 1st season- Her hair is below shoulder length. Unnoticeably, her hair is getting longer each episode. In the episode The Prom Night, Her hair is above waist-length.
  • 2nd season- In the episode Bad Hair Day, Her hair is become shorter. Like in the 1st season, her hair will become longer. In her Graduation day her hair's length will be the same as her hair in the 1st season.


Suneo's voice got deeper in the start of the 1st season (earlier than Nobita). In Bad Hair Day, his hair is dyed in red. His height increases but not surpasses Shizuka's.


Gian is exactly the same as before but in Bad Hair Day, his hair style is the same as the old Justin Bieber ,making majority of his classmates poking fun at him.

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