My Little Doraemon

My Little Doraemon is a new series (inspired by MLP) which centers around the life of the five Doraemon characters as ponies in Equestria. Their names are the same as the human versions.

Cutie Marks

Here are there cutie marks:

  • Doraemon: A 4D pocket, which shows that he helps people with his futuristic gadgets.
  • Nobita: A bullseye and arrow, which shows his good aim at hitting targets
  • Shizuka: A musical note, showing her talent at playing the piano.
  • Suneo: A laptop, which shows he's good with technology
  • Gian: A hammer, showing he's good at hard work,fixing stuff, and building stuff.
  • Dorami: Doesn't have one yet, late bloomer

Promo poster XD


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