Milk (Miruk) is a supporting female character from the When Phineas meet Nobita series. She was a bird from the Birdpia.


Milk was born as a bird in the Birdpia. She is Gusuke's best friend, and always want to make him can fly.

Doraemon and the Winged Braves

During a dinner with Gusuke, Milk and him confess that he is actually adopted and that he is unable to fly naturally due to the trauma of falling he got before being founded. Meanwhile, Hou translates an ancient Birdpia tablet which contains information about Fenikia, an ancient being who can bring destruction to the world.

She also helped Gusuke during the Icarus Race, but lost her health because of it.

After Gusuke won, Seagrid said he didn't fly by HIS own wings, make Milk angry.

Became a Rebel

Two years later, Milk and Gusuke, with people from the Bird World, had come to visit their friends. She meet Shizuka again, and both are happy. Luke Skywalker introduced himself to her, and tell them that Emperor Palpatine is going to attack the Earth.

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