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Mei Hanakomachi(花小町 梅) is a Doraemon Fanon Character.

This character belongs to Doraemon fan-Story by SonnyPalù.

Mei Hanakomachi
花小町 梅 Hanakomachi Mei
Character information
Status: Alive
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Birthdate: October 10
Nationality: Chinese/Japanese
Habitat: Tokyo
Team: The Giants Cheerleading Team
Nickname: Mei-Senpai,Chan/San/Kun, Gouda-San (in future)
Talent(s): Cooking, sew clothes
Personality: Shy, kind, intelligent
Interests: Study, Books, Opera.
Hate: When her twins sisters spites her.
Fear: Cockroaches
Favorite food: Green tea, chinese dishes
Favorite color: Indigo
Dream: To became an actress
Physical characteristics
Height: 141 cm
Hair color: Black
Skin color: peach
Eye color: Black
Parents: Mr Hanagawa(father) Mrs Hanagawa(mother)
Siblings: Shu (older Brother) Keiko (Older sister) Rin and Kimi (younger twin sisters)
Spouse: Takeshi Gouda
Children: Yasashiku Gouda

Mari Gouda

Other relatives: Jaiko Gouda (Sister in Law)

Mrs. Gouda (mother-in-law) Mr, Gouda (father in law)

Friends: Doraemon, Nobita Nobi, Shizuka Minamoto, Natsumi Kobayashi ect...
Background infomation


Mei loves flowers, passion inherited from the family (Indeed run a flower shop) She loves to read books of poetry. In fact, often it goes to the park to read in solitude. Mei's family is very large and has 5 children.


Mei has long black hair, she has  a blue dress and white blouse.


She's a very closed and shy girl, also having few friends.  


Takeshi Gouda:Takeshi Gouda, seems to have feelings for the young flower girl. They are also neighbors since their stores are next to each other.

Jaiko Gouda:

Mei and Jaiko go to school together in the morning, and often talk about many things


Mei's family is very united.  though sometimes the twins torment her and her brothers.

Natsumi Kobayashi:

Her friend

Doraemon, Nobita and friends:

Mei has good relationships with them, but because of study and work at flower shop, he is often not involved in their adventures.


  • She loves to eat (especially Chinese dishes)
  • Her "dere" personality is dandere
  • She attends 6th grade of elementary school
  • Mei has a passion for ballet and theater
  • Her birthplace is Beijing.
  • She hates when Takeshi makes too much the bully
  • would like to visit the land of her ancestors (china)
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