The list of all the characters from the series Nobita's Stories: Teen Life.

Main characters

Nobita Nobi

Nobita Nobi (野比 のび太 Nobi Nobita?) is the main protagonist in the series. After the Nerima High is built, he enrolled in the school along with his childhood friends. His roommate is Dekisugi.

Shizuka Minamoto

Shizuka Minamoto (源 静香 Minamoto Shizuka?) is the fellow classmate as well as close friend of Nobita. 

Takeshi "Gian" Gouda

Takeshi Gouda (剛田 武 Gōda Takeshi?) is one of the friends of Nobita. 

Suneo Honekawa

Suneo Honekawa (骨川 スネ夫 Suneo Honekawa?) is one of the friends of Nobita. He boasts about his gadgets and stuff to his peers, which they envy him (especially Nobita)

Supporting characters

Dekisugi Hidetoshi

Amiri Akimoto

Amiri Akimoto (秋本 亜美里 Akimoto Amiri?), is Shizuka's roommate. She was a gamer and an Otaku. She can beat almost every gamer in the school regardless of gender and age. Shizuka was easily irritated of her actions because Amiri has a habit of staying awake all night.

Chouko Abe

Main Article:Chouko Abe

Chouko Abe (阿部 蝶子 Abe Chouko?) is a older schoolmate of Nobita and whom Suneo holds a crush for. Called "Ms. Popular" (人気さん Ninki-san) due to her popularity in the school. Meanwhile, she is dating Daisuke, her childhood friend.

Daisuke Michimoto

Daisuke Michimoto (道元 大輔 Michimoto Daisuke?) is the captain of the baseball team as well as the boyfriend of Chouko. Suneo always hated him due to his relationship to Chouko.

Samantha Wilson

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Aimi Ri

Main Article: Aimi Ri

Aimy Ri (利 愛美 Ri Aimi?) is one of the Class-A students and one of the Pink Dolls. She was very serious and studios and commonly rivaled to Dekisugi's intellegence. She was called by her last name (Ri-san, Ri-chan) due to her seriousness.

Kiriko Ayukawa

Kiriko Ayukawa (鮎川 桐子 Ayukawa Kiriko?)

Ayame Horio

Ayame Horio (堀尾 菖蒲 Horio Ayame?)

Nerima High Characters

Rinko Momoe

Rinko Momoe (百恵 凛子 Momoe Rinko?) is "The Chouko of 1st Year High School", due to her beauty and her skill in modelling although dubbed as "The Beauty without Brains" by most of her schoolmates, especially Aimy & Suneo.

Lily Hariyama

Lily Hariyama (針山 リリー Hariyama Ririi ?) is one of the characters who competed against Dekisugi & Aimy. Like them, she is extremely skill at academics & sports.

Athena Uehara

Athena Uehara (上原 アテナ Uehara Atena ?)

Makoto Yamashita

Makoto Yamashita (山下 誠 Yamashita Makoto ?) is a girl who appeared on Daisuke and Chouko's Love Story ~The Promise~. She claimed to be the new boyfriend of Daisuke.

Hitei Kyohi

Hitei Kyoho (拒否 否定 Kyoho Hitei?) is a graduating student who never has a date on the prom for 3 years straight. His first and last name means Rejected.

Kai Kashino

Kai Cashino (カイ・カシノ Kai Kashino?) is one of the classmates of Nobita who does not have a partner as well at the prom. He was Japanese-African.

Kinko Hara


Yurina Garcia

Yurina Garcia (ゆりな・ガルシア Yurina Garushia?) is one of the classmates of Nobita. She was an athlete and dreams to compete in the Olympic Games. She was born in Cebu, Philippines and raised in Tokyo, Japan.

Takiko Ri

Takiko Ri (利 滝子 Ri Takiko?) is Aimi's older sister who studies in Nobita's school as well. She was the loyal and true friend of Chouko since the first day of high school.

Kinichi Ri

Takiko Ri (利 金一 Ri Kin'ichi?) is Takiko's twin brother as well as Aimi's older sister. He was the Campus Heartthrob along with his fellow soccer teammate and close friend Daisuke.

Junichi Ri

Junichi Ri (利 純一 Ri Jun'ichi?) is Aimi, Takiko & Kinichi's older brother. He was Nobita's strict Biology & Physics teacher.

Jake Oue

Jake Oue (大江 ジェイク Ōe Jeiku?) is a rebellious classmate of Nobita. He has interest on Aimi but Aimi dislike him for his attitude. Aimi & Jake will eventually marry in the future.

Yukina Garcia

Yukina Garcia (ゆきな・ガルシア Yukina Garushia?)

Autumn Falls

Autumn Falls (オータム・フォールズ Ōtamu Fōruzu?), nicknamed Aki-chan (秋ちゃん Aki-chan?) literally meaning Autumn or Falls.

Hideki Mine

Hideki Mine (峰 英希 Hideki Mine?)

Other characters

Momoe Oue

Momoe Oue (大江 桃恵 Ōe Momoe?) is the daughter of Aimi & Jake and the twin sister of Kaito Oue. Ofter called Morin by peers. Her name comes from Peach, favourite fruit of Jake that he can't resist.

Kaito Oue

Kaito Oue (大江 凱斗 Ōe Kaito?) is the son of Aimi & Jake and the twin brother of Momoe. His name was based from Kaito Kid, which Aimi is a big fan of. Kaito is close with Nobisuke but rarely get together.

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