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Hoshiko Tanaka
タナカ ホシコ Tanaka Hoshiko
Character information
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Age: 10/11
Birthdate: April 1st
Nationality: Japanease
Habitat: 21st century, Tokyo
Nickname: Hoshi-Chan/ San/Kun
Talent(s): Study
Special: She knows all the names of each star and constellation
Personality: Kind, Friendly, Mature.
Interests: Astronomy, Science, Music, Reading books, play with her friends
Favorite food: Pasta, Pizza and Ice cream
Favorite color: Red, Pink and yellow
Dream: Become a scientist
Physical characteristics
Hair color: Brown
Skin color: Peach
Eye color: Black
Parents: Dr Tanaka (dad)

Mrs Tanaka (mom)

Siblings: Hiroyuki (older brother)
Spouse: Nobita Grandson
Children: Nobita Great.grandson(Sewashi father)
Other relatives: Sewashi Nobi (Grandson)
Friends: Nobita Grandson

Gian, Suneo and Dekisugi Grandson

Background infomation

Hoshiko Tanaka (ホシコ タナカ) is a Doraemon fanon character. This character belongs to Doraemon fan-Story by SonnyPalù


Hoshiko is described as Sewashi's grandmother. Her  parents are both scientists (her dad astrophysicist, and her mom biologist) She has a brother who attends middle school(9th grade) But unlike his sister (and family) he's not very inclined to study.

Hoshiko is very close to Nobita grandson. Both love astronomy and together they watch the sky.


She wears a magenta dress, with a pink belt and boots of the same color. Hoshiko loves to tie her hair with a ponytail. He rarely wears loose hair.


Hoshiko is kind and very serious. She often assumes very mature attitudes for her age.


  • Her Family: With her family, has a very good relationship with his family, even though his parents are very busy, and his brother is always at basketball training.
  • Her Friends: With her friends, Hoshi always proves reliable and helpful (whether it concerns the school, or not)


  • Her name means "Child of the Stars" from Hoshi (star☆) and Ko (Kodomo) which means Child.
  • Hoshiko's house is located inside an astronomical observatory.
  • Hoshiko has many brooches. Her favorite, is one a star-shaped. gifted by her father.
  • She would like to take an interstellar journey, to get to know the sky better
  • In a future she will marry Nobita grandson
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