Hidetoshi Dekisugi
Character Information
AliasToshi (nickname)
Place of BirthTokyo, Japan.
Age16 years old.
EnemiesShizuka Minamoto

Nobita Nobi

IdolsJustin Bieber
LikesChocolates and cakes.
Talents & AbilitiesSports, studies.
Character Backround
Created byBloomRocks!
Hidetoshi Dekisugi is Asuka's best friend. They have been friends since they were toddlers. He is sixteen years old, a year older than Asuka.


Dekisugi was highly esteemed by people around him. His good behavior and academic + athletic excellence, earns him the title of "honor student" from the teachers. A wide range of skills plus his good looks, have charmed "not a few" girls in his class, and one of them is Shizuka. This seemingly "perfect" image of a prince, made him to be the subject of envy by his classmates, particularly and especially by Nobita.

Despite his vast skills and talents; he shows modesty and gentleman-like behavior to his friends. He never shows off nor think others was inferior to him. Dekisugi has shown tendency to thinking through reasoning and rationality. In short; he didn't believe in superstitions and regards them to be "scientifically explainable". He also doesn't seem to be mesmerized (much) by Doraemon's gadgets, but still intrigued by their whimsicalness

Skills and talents

Dekisugi was remarkably intelligent; proven by scoring 100% on every exam, which enables him to finish his homework without any obstacle. He is deemed to be very athletic; as he shown prowess in Baseball (batting), Soccer (dribbling), and Tracks (agility and endurance). Artistic talents also seems to be one of his forte, especially realism. He also seems to be good at cooking. He is an all-rounder for a boy of his age; for being adept at doing chores like crafting and cooking. He also possesses several unique skills such as sleight of hand and magic tricks.


Asuka Adachi

Asuka is one of Dekisugi's best friends. He spends most of his time with her. It is shown that they both might have feelings for each other, yet not confirmed.


Dekisugi is close friends with Yumiko.

Shizuka Minamoto

It is shown that Dekisugi does not like Shizuka much, but unlike Asuka he still helps her when she needs help. He often makes excuses to get rid of her.


  • In the mirror world, Dekisugi's counterpart is unintelligent and scores zeros on his tests.
  • He is a year older than Asuka.



Dekisugi is known to have a Dorabook account. It could be possible he has other accounts on different sites as well, but it has not yet been shown.

  • Hidetoshi Dekisugi (@theboyyouwishyouwere)
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