Gian's mother (ジャイアンの母 Mrs. Gouda) is the mother of Takeshi (Gian) and Jaiko. She's the owner of a small but successful shop, as well as the only person that Gian is deathly afraid of. Her constant abusive punishments suggest that Gian may have inherited his mother's ancestral bullish trait. She mostly remains angry with Gian, but is affectionate to everyone, especially Nobita. She is the owner of a grocery shop and has Gian do the jobs and chores around the grocery shop.

In many episodes, it is seen that Mrs. Gouda has given Gian the responsibility of taking care of the shop, but Gian would rather go and play with his friends or read comic books, even bully someone (but mostly Nobita), which angers Mrs. Gouda very much. However, in a rare case that Gian looks after the store like he was told, Mrs. Gouda will be very happy and may even reward him for his effort.

Mrs. Gouda is good friends with Mrs. Nobi, Mrs. Minamoto and Mrs. Honekawa. However, she sometimes cannot stand Mrs. Honekawa due to her constant bragging about her jewelry and cooking skills.

In the 1979 anime, Gian's mother is voiced by Kazuyo Aoki.

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