Drinks Excitement is fan episode by Emilioalzamora20.


  • Doracrop
  • Nobita
  • Shizuka
  • Tamako Nobi (Mother's Nobita)
  • Big G
  • Sneech

Nobita bored while sitting a chair at the table.

  • Doracrop: Hey Nobita, are you not playing? (Spirit)
  • Nobita: look my face, I'm always bored, none of whom can be fun, if drink if there is reacted, it will make a pleasure.
  • Doracrop: Come on!
  • Nobita: Eh?
  • Doracrop: (Take the "Drink excitement" of a magic pocket) "Drink excitement"!! If you drink, then it will be a reaction, only you can look.

Nobita is try drinking color orange shaped glass of pinch. After drinking, suddenly, A face Doracrop is pinch.

  • Nobita: Waahh!! your face is pinch!!
  • Doracrop: What? What? That's a Pinch Gulp, a face will pinch, there will be disappear, about 10 seconds.
  • Nobita: it disappear
  • Doracrop: Seems fun, i try this one (choose drink rainbow, and drink)

A rainbow splash is out from a glass.

  • Nobita & Doracrop: Waahh! (look at up).
  • Doracrop: That's a Rainbow Splash. All people can see.
  • Nobita: Wah, what a weird glass shapes such as gastric (a drink color of red and trying drink)

Suddenly, it will appear distortion

  • Nobita: Waahh! it appear distortion!
  • Doracrop: It's Distortion Potion, it will appear distortion, this was like walking into the house of mirror!
  • Nobita: Give it look at Shizuka.
  • Tamako: What it is, Nobita, very unique drink, give for one.
  • Nobita: Ok, which one?
  • Tamako: This one (choose drink a color green, a pair of glasses with fangs, and drink)

Suddenly, a dinosaur is appear and scream. Tamako is face red, her eyes disappear, finally fainted from shock.

  • Nobita: It's a Scary Slurp, which makes scary (Nobita is laughing and left a room).


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