Doratrap (ドラトラップ Doratorappu) is fan character



Doratrap is yellow cat robot worn, ie, an ear is torn, some stitched body, masking tape, masking tape holes are not given, as well as the cable is disconnected, and a bell is broken. At behind, there bonnell springs. He was an unhappy, because people would avoid away because of a worn robot, so Doratrap not happy and sad. On the day of the night, he would cry. Doratrap have to work and earn money to fix the robots themselves, and also the food. He had no friends. Her home is poor, there are also some obsolete items.


  • He is 13th character by Emilioalzamora20.
  • There also Doratrap is happy, that's eating ice cream.
  • He's resemble Springtrap in Five Night's At Freddy.
  • He was favorite songs is:
    • Heaven by DJ Sammy & Yanou featruing DO
    • Forever Sunshine by Chel. Y
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