this fanon serves as a sequel both to the 2016 doraemon movie and justice league vs teen titans: 25 years after the battle with trigon, the justice league has merged the teen titans(robin,starfire,raven,blue beetle and beast boy)as well as recruited a lot of new superheroes such as black canary,green arrow,the huntress,the question,martian manhunter,the hawks,atom,captain atom,red tornado,supergirl,powergirl,dr fate,firestorm,black lightning and katana.One night, batman mysteriously disappears,at the same time superman also disappears,the founding 6 disappear,meanwhile back at the watchtower,martianmanhunter tries his best to find them but fails.In the present day,nobita and doraemon,nobita who like all other children is spending his summer vacation,is called by suneo who tells him to come to his house with doraemon,dorami also appears and the 3 eventually set off,suneo, like always,has to show off something ,but,this time it,s some thing special , it is a dc guide book and comic books,everyone is astonished to see the collection,suneo asks doraemon to take out a gadget that allows someone to go inside a book and he gives them the go into the book shoes,they travel into the book,but are surprised to hear the founding 6 have gone disappearing since 3 days,the 6 are hired to temporarily replace the 6

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