To that guy who made the original Magical Powers: YOU'RE NOT WELCOME ANYMORE!

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Doraemon and Friends Magical Powers (not that one!) is a special episode in the Doraemon anime, where Doraemon and Nobita get magical powers from a special gem and are in a hidden camera sting operation. It marks the first appearance of the Club Penguin characters 28McCool, 962minez and HiBy25, one being a con artist.

Outline of events

Simply put: A con artist tries to play tricks on Doraemon and the gang, but gets defeated by a team of con artist activists.


SCHEME 1: Doraemon is walking with Nobita casually until they come across a penguin named 28McCool. 28McCool shows them a magic stone, which they suspect to be fake. They touch it to prove it that it's fake. They say it's fake, but they feel a strong sensation of magic rising in them. They start to discover their magical powers, where Doraemon got teleportation, and Nobita got telekinesis. They start playing around with their powers, and then 28McCool gets frustrated. The penguins at the sidelines start to laugh.

SCHEME 2: Shizuka finds about the magical stone from Doraemon and Nobita. Gian and Suneo were on vacation, so they can easily keep their powers a secret. Shizuka goes to the magic stone, and gets clairvoyance. 28McCool is already pulling his feathers in frustration, as she sees the inside of the magic stone. The trio come to get 28McCool and then thank them. He mistakes them for child hostage-takers. They thank them, and trades a bottle of ketchup for the stone to give to Dekisugi. 962minez suddenly finds out HiBy25 disappeared. He breaks the fourth wall by staring at the camera.

FINAL SCHEME: Dekisugi joins the team. 28McCool finally finds his fake stone. He puts his hand on it, but he doesn't get the powers. 28McCool was maniacally laughing, whispering "This is now going according to plan!" 962minez pulls out a taser and shocks 28McCool. Nobita, Dekisugi and Doraemon look at him, emitting electricity. Dekisugi gets a spark of luck and gets electricity as his power. 962minez and HiBy25 get out of the scene and inform them they were a part of their show. They spend their powers together. At the end, 962minez and HiBy25 have dinner at a nearby izakaya.


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