this is an fanon doraemon series made by D For Dora Chan. This series will publish episodes when ever Dora Chan writes an Episode


this is an new version of doraemon with new characters new stories and new names

Main Characters

Doraemon: is the main reason to look at the series doraemon will be in new looks he will get new crushes and new gadgets

Nobita Nobi: is the main protagonist in this series he will be in new t shirts he will get crushes besides shizuka and will have new problems

Nanako Nobi: talking about new she is an new character she is the New born Sister of Nobita She is Inspired By himawari

Suneo Honekawa: suneo will use his smartness in a good way this time helping the club to takeover the intelligence

Gian Goda: gian will be the power of the club gian will get his crush will get some new t shirts

Aj Styles: another new character he will be the co leader of the club he will have a rivalry with dekisugi and his group the intelligence


the intelligence dekisugis group logo and doraemon reloaded`s logo and the club`s logo the group leaded by gian and aj styles and
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To Be Continued

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