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Doraemon Fanon Wiki, is a wiki where anyone can write fan fiction about anything related to Doraemon and view the fan fiction of others. As of today we have 222 pages and counting!

Getting Started

If you are not getting what to do here, then we ask you to read our guide. Bring out your imagination to this wiki. Feel free to create your own Doraemon series consisting of your own fictional episodes and movies which revolve around the characters drawn by you.


Canon refers to the official content or information given by the directors, producers, animators and other people who work in cast and crew of the original Doraemon franchise. For editing canon info, please visit:

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Whether you're here to read or create, the most important thing to do is make sure you enjoy!

Wiki Events

Various events take place on our wiki at different intervals during the year. These events range from special conventions to promote our content to festivals created to celebrate a gadget from canon. Check them out!

Fanon Con is a seasonal event for special contests and content reveals that takes place over the course of a week.

Gadget Fest is a seasonal event to celebrate a gadget from canon as voted for by the community. It occurs in February, May, August, and November.

The Computer Pencil Awards are an annual awards ceremony for the best content on the wiki. It occurs in mid-to-late October. Doraemon Fanon Wiki also celebrates mainstream holidays in various ways, usually with special events and wiki themes. More info can be found here.

Admin Blogs

These are blogs made by admins that usually announce upcoming wiki events or changes to wiki policies.


As of July 1, 2013, you'll need to register an account to edit. You need to be 13 years old or over, though; this isn't our rule, it is United States federal law that Wikia, the wiki farm company that hosts this site, is forced to comply with. For more information on the policy, see here.

Another policy we include on this wiki prohibits any stolen material. To use anything created by another person, you must first gain their permission and credit them on the article you are using the content. If you do not abide by these rules, in some cases you may be eligible of being sued, as within the laws of copyright. To see more about the federal regulations of copyright, go to this link.

We are a 100% fan-run site and are not affiliated in any way with Disney XD or Works of Fujiko F. Fujio. All content here, except for a few pages, are fan-created and are not meant to be taken seriously. Assumptions that we claim this to be canon are completely on you.

Wiki Support

We have various resources to help new users get settled, be comfortable and edit freely on our wiki. If you ever have any trouble with something, feel free to ask a fellow wiki member for help!

The Community Team is the administrative team of the wiki. They have special permissions not available to every registered user, and are here to help with whatever you might need.

The Community Guidelines are the rules of Doraemon Fanon Wiki. They're there to help make the wiki a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone.

The Record Book contains a record of major wiki history for those interested in how we got to where we are now. The Page Creation Portal contains templates for almost every kind of page you can think of, helping people new to Wikia create the pages they want easily.

Featured Pages

Our Featured Pages for June

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Our Featured Pages for 2020

Community Portal

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