Doraemon - Nobitas Space Heroes is a Doraemon series about how Doraemon and Nobita became space heroes and save the day . It is because Nobita is interested in becaming a hero and impress Shizuka and taught Gian and Suneo that he can one day save the day .


  1. Space Race
  2. Lost in Time
  3. The Love Story
  4. Doraemon gets lose
  5. The Duplicates
  6. Scene Change
  7. Resting Day
  8. The Space Heroes Movie
  9. Nobitas Crystal Adventure
  10. Batman VS Nobitaman
  11. Shooting Day
  12. Super Hero Test
  13. Nobitas treasure hunt
  14. Doraemon saves the future
  15. Directer nobita vs super nobita vs teenage nobita
  16. Suneos big day
  17. Nobitas birthday
  18. Nobita loses powers
  19. The monstars vs the monsters
  20. Its good or bad ?
  21. Nobitas christmas movie
  22. Creepy adventure
  23. Doraemon travels Amazon


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