Doraemon (Jerry) is a cat robot from 22nd century of Unknown Series created by Jerry.


He is blue in colour. He has two big eyes and a red nose. He wears a red cloth on his neck like Superman. He has a 4 dimensional pocket on his stomach. He has a bell on his neck. He wears red shoes. He has small legs. He wears gloves. He does not have ears but he can listen.


He is cute, smart and handsome. He is nice to his friends but strict to enemies. He is very polite and kind.


He was created by Shewashi in 22nd century. He made new friends in 20th century like Nobita, Shizuka, Gian, Suneo and Dekisuki. As he lived with Nobita so he called Tamako and Nobi as father and mother.

Powers and Abilities

He has many gadgets in his pocket. No one can put hands in his pocket except him. He can fly at a high speed without any gadget like Bamboocopter, he fly like Superman.


If someone would pull his tail, Doraemon would become off. He is afraid of mouse.


  • He has not appeared in any episode yet.


  • Not appeared yet (appearing soon)


  • He has not appeared yet in any episode.
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