The 2019 Doraemon anime is a series that will air in future.

In this series, Nobita and his friends have been abandoned, and now Doraemon is helping random people he's never met before. It also takes use of more references.

Also, at the end of each episode, there will be something where we see drawings of what happened after the episode in a slideshow with a song.



No. Pilot Airdate
1 Doraemon in Nowhere November 17, 2018
Doraemon complains because he is in nowhere for no reason, and HIS GADGETS DON'T EVEN WORK.

Season 1 (2019)

No. Episode Airdate
1 ??? September 2019
Doraemon finds some random little girl whose doll is on a tree; Doraemon can't climb, and has lost some of his gadgets, so he has to improvise.
2 ??? December 2019
Doraemon sees another random person who needs a camera for his movie; Doraemon has to get money for the person so he can make the movie.
3 ??? March 2020
Doraemon goes back to the future to see how Sewashi is doing, but he figures out he has been doing worse in school, so Doraemon trains Sewashi to get better at many subjects.
4 Dora to the Past! June 2020
Doraemon gets stuck in 1986, and has to get back to 2020.

Movie (2035)

Name Release date
Doraemon The Movie: Hello Bathroom 2035
Doraemon finds a group of people who are disagreeing on something involving toilets, and has to conflict with a bunch of forces to get the Golden Toilet to prove it exists.
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