Doraemon (Japanese: ドラえもん) was a short lived live-action series that premiered around 1971 on NHK.

Much like the 1973 anime, this series is often considered lost media due to the slowly decreasing lack of full episodes available online, with the few material found being simply short clips (mostly musical numbers.)


The series would usually follow the usual storyline from the original manga, except that characters would at a certain point break into song.

As a result, every single episode in this series features a song or two at most

All of the songs in this series were written by Shunya Asano.


Character Actor
Doraemon Suit: Yoshihiko Fukui
Voice: Fuyumi Shiraishi (R.I.P)
Nobita Nobi Taisuke Nishino
Shizuka Minamoto Kotone Kanou
Suneo Honekawa Yuito Kondo
Takeshi "Gian" Gouda Tsuguhiko Komatsu (R.I.P.)
Jaiko Gouda Takae Ine
Tamako Nobi Shio Butou
Nobisuke Nobi Kyuuji Morioka (R.I.P)
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