Doraemon: The Future Earthquake of Dream 2112 is originally a future movie about before he meet Noramyako, why he was made with the weird ears and attitude is because the Future Earthquake of Dream in 2112. This movie was scheduled to air between Stand By Me Doraemon and Nobita's Space Heroes but got cancelled. And will premiere as the four  movie in 2112 to celebrate Doraemon's birth. This is the fourth movie of 2112 right after The Doraemon Birthday Special (Part III). Actually it was cancelled and then become a cancelled movie. However, it still in the schedule with the date August 2014. But now it became a series on 2017. 


  1. Yume Wo Kanaete Doraemon (Second stanza)

やりたいこと いきたい 場所 みつけたら (みつけたら)

迷わないで 靴をはいででかけよう (タイムマシン)

大丈夫 さ、ひとり じゃない〜 僕がいるから 

キラキラ かがやく 宝物 探そうよ (四次元ポケット)

道に迷っても泣かないでいよ 秘密のどうぐ で助けて上げるよう

しゃララララララ 口ブエふいて 宝場にあるき出そう

ドラえもん、あの街まで とどけば いいね

しゃララララララ 僕らの未来 夢 がイッパイ 溢れてるよ

ドラえもん、 君が いればみんな が笑顔 になる

  1. F-Gumi AIUEO

Episodes (series)

  1. のび太の存在とは何ですか?
  2. しずか’-ちゃんの秘密


Doraemon: The Future Earthquake of Dream 2112 (formerly Doraemon: The Future Earthquake of Dream 2014)

For movie one: Throughout, it was cancelled as you see. But the series will have movies though.


Gian's Kkoookkinnn' Show 

Gian open a cooking show? Watch the movie on 2017!!

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