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Doraemon's Haunted Future is a short story by Dora e253. In this short Doraemon visits a fortune teller who tells him that he should look out for danger and his life is in risk. Doraemon gets very scared and tries to keep an eye out for danger but ends up causing trouble.


(It is evening in Spain. Doraemon is seen eating dorayaki with El Matadora)

Doraemon: So whats up?

EM: Nothing much really, unless you want to count the fact that Dora rinho was messing around my room again and broke a vase with his football.

Doraemon: Well, thats just him being him *stops abruptly* Wait, Dora rinho's here!?

EM: Yeah, didnt you know? He's visiting for a week too!

Doraemon: Gaah, if he's here, does that mean Rainbow Dora...?

EM: Yup, he's here too!

Doraemon: Oh noooooo!

EM: Why? Whats wrong with Rainbow Dora? He's a good little guy.

Doraemon: He may be a good little guy, but he won't stop pestering me! He's always in my face yelling 'Doraemon, you're so great! Doraemon, you're awesome! Doraemon, I wanna be just like you!' It gets so annoying!

EM: Hah! You should be happy someone likes you so much! Anyway, he's here and there's nothing we can do now.

(The door flings open and a colorful figure zooms inside)

Doraemon: Oh god why

Rainbow Dora: DORAEMON!! I thought I heard your voice! You're really here! YAAAASSSSS!!*jumps on him*

Doraemon: Get off me! If that's how your gonna behave I might as well leave

Rainbow: Oh nonononono! Listen I wanna show you something. Come with me!

Doraemon: Umm alright

(Doraemon gets up and follows the colorful robot, wondering where this was leading)


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