Character Information
Full NameDoraemilo (ドラエミロ)
SpeciesRobot Cat
Character Backround
Created byPuppies567

Description and Characteristics

Doraemilo (ドラエミロ) is a white robot cat from the 22nd century who was mistakenly not painted. He was the seventh robot behind Doraemon and Doraemindy saved him from being destroyed. He was sad after everything, so he never talked to anyone.

On February 29, 2116 (When his sister Doraemix was made) he saved her by bringing her to Haruka Robotics Research Facility . Doraemixm remembered him and called him her brother.

Doraemilo is shy, likes Doraemindy, and likes Dorayaki. He does not like Sewashi because he hangs out with Doraemix too much.

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