Doraemia is a blue and white robotic cat with a red bow on her head, ears, a red bow around her tail, whiskers, a pink nose, black eyes, a white pouch with a red heart, eyelashes, a red collar with a yellow bell, and a red circle at the tip of her tail. She has two sisters named Doraemira and Doraemisty, Doraemira often tries to mess around with her. Doraem


ia loves to bake, even though her cooking is not exactly the best, and sing.

She once dated Doraemon, but they broke up due to the fact that Doraemia loved mice but hated yummy buns, while Doraemon was the exact opposite. Doraemia is now in a relationship with a red and peach male robotic cat with whiskers, ears, a purple collar and a yellow bell with a single sharp tooth hanging out of his mouth named Doraemark. She and Doraemark have 4 robotic kittens named Doraemay, Doraemolly, Doraemac, and Doraemason. Doraemia is frienemies with Puppies567's Doraemix. The two get along at times, but may also argue because Doraemix believes that Doraemia still has feelings for Doraemon, who she is madly in love with.

Doraemia is usually very sweet, caring, and generous, however it does not take much to set her off. For example, if you tell her you don't want something she baked, that would be a mistake on your part because she will go into a rage. So, just take the darn cookie or whatever she made, okay? It would be the best for you and anyone else around you.

As mentioned before, Doraemia loves mice, but hates yummy buns. This often causes her to get weird looks from her fellow robotic cat friends, especially Doraemon, who thinks she's a little bit on the crazy side for it. Doraemia may also tend to be on the paranoid side at times when it comes to certain situations. Her nationality is, like the others', Japanese. She is also called Mia, which is short for Doraemia.

Doraemia dislikes extremely loud noises, dogs, sirens, and storms. She is friends with Dorami, Doraemon, PenelopeHamuChan's Doraemina, DoraemonFan4Life's Aspen, Doraemary, Doraemarty, Doraemindy, Puppies567's Doraemilo, Doraemonty, Doraemacy, Puppies567's Doraemix (who she is actually a frienemy to) and more. She is owned by a 11-year-old girl named Aiko Takahashi and her parents.

Doraemia was created by ForTheLoveOfDoof, an artist on DeviantArt. Formerly, she was known as LillianThePlatypus. Her real name is Olivia, but often she is called "Doof", "Liv", or "Lillian."

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