Doraemark is another character who was created by ForTheLoveOfDoof. Doraemark is a red and peach male robotic cat with black eyes, ears, whiskers, a black nose, a single sharp tooth hanging out of his mouth, a pouch, a tail with a red circle at its tip, and a purple collar with a yellow bell. He is the love interest of Doraemia, who he has four robotic kittens named Doraemay, Doraemolly, Doraemac, and Doraemay with. Doraemark is usually very kind, generous, and humorous, but at times he may tend to be irritable, skittish, and easily paranoid.

Unlike Doraemia, Doraemark hates mice, much like Doraemon. The mere sight of a mouse will send him running out the door. Doraemia thinks he and Doraemon's fear of mice is silly. His and Doraemia's two daughters, Doraemay and Doraemolly, also do not have a fear of mice. Their sons, Doraemac and Doraemason, however, do, which is a bad thing on Doraemason's part since he's always trying to act tough.

Doraemark dislikes yummy buns like Doraemia, extremely loud noises, storms, Big G (he scares him), vehicles (having almost been hit by one), mice, and more.

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