Doradanki is a fan character.



Doradanki is a robot cat who likes astronauts, the color is not known for covering all wearing astronauts, including glass. He wears an astronaut, and shoes, a part behind is oxygen. He delights in the month and see the earth while eating cake dorayaki. He was afraid of insects is a worm. He likes to jump on the moon. He will study is solar system, and planet. He friends is, Doraemon and Wang Dora, Shizuka and Dekisugi.


  • He is the 3rd character by Emilioalzamora20
  • His favorite songs is:
    • Close Your Eyes by Daybehavior
    • Beyond Here and Now (Intensified) by Neuropa
    • Desert Journey by dj TAKA
    • Disabled the FLAW by D-Crew
    • I DON'T WANT TO MISS A THING (Planet Lution Mix) by DEJA VU featuring TASMIN.
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