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Ayana Nobi
野比 彩奈 Nobi Ayana
Character information
Status: Alive
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Birthdate: August 6
Nationality: Japanese
Habitat: Tokyo, Japan (21st Century)
Team: Unnamed soccer team
Nickname: Ayana-chan/san/kun
Talent(s): Soccer, tennis, swimming
Special: High stamina
Personality: tomboyish, adventurous, rebellious, hot-headed, kind
Interests: Using Secret Gadgets
Hate: Her mom forcing to do girl stuff
Fear: None
Favorite food: Sweet potatoes, sushi
Favorite color: Red
Physical characteristics
Height: Same as Shizuka
Weight: Same as Shizuka
Hair color: Black
Skin color: Peach
Eye color: Black
Grandparents: Nobita Nobi (Great Grandfather)

Shizuka Minamoto (Great Grandmother)

Siblings: None
Spouse: Hideyoshi Dekisugi (possibly)
Other relatives: Sewashi Nobi (Cousin)
Pet: Shirao (白尾) (Tanuki)
Friends: Doraemon

Hideyoshi Dekisugi
Kurt Hartman

Background infomation
Japanese seiyū: Megumi Hayashibara

  Ayanna Nobi (or 野比 彩奈) is a fanon character from Doraemon series. She was Sewashi's cousin and Nobita & Shizuka's great grand daughter.


She was described as a tomboy, adventurous & rebellious by her own cousin Sewashi. She was introduced to Nobita in an episode by Doraemon when Doraemon has an emergency and Ayanna is gonna substitute him while he's gone. Ayanna has several gadgets which she bought with her own money. One of her notable gadgets is Plant-copter (プラントコプター) which can fly only when there is sunlight. She has a huge crush on her friend Hideyoshi Dekisugi, one of Dekisugi's descendants which is not noticeable by her close friends. She is friends with Gian & Suneo descendants as well as not so many girls from her class.


She wears a crocheted red beanie hat. Her eyes appeared to be like Shizuka's. She wears white shirt & blue skirt with red sweater that glows.She has black leggings with white rubber shoes. Her hair is tied in the side with a red bow that is a cellphone-like gadget.



Nobita is Ayanna's great-great grandfather. They have the same traits of being lazy but she was good in sports like her great grandfather Nobisuke. Ayanna always help Nobita especially in an episode where in Doraemon has to go and Ayanna volunteers to look after Nobita.


Shizuka is Ayanna's great-great grandmother. She was almost look like Shizuka only the glasses are the differences. She was almost going to say about Nobita & Shizuka's marriage but Nobita cut it off. There is a one episode where in Shizuka wants to know her husband in the future and asks Ayanna. Ayanna refuses to answer & says that she doesn't need to know it she must need to wait for it. Shizuka accepts the refusal and said that Nobita's wife will be very lucky to marry a kind man like him (Which made Ayanna speechless)


Ayanna & Doraemon are good friends.


Seashi & Ayanna are cousins. They are good friends with each other and enrolled in the same school. They are both athletic and fond of video games.

Kurt Hartman

Kurt & Ayanna were friends when Ayanna's parent started working on the Secret Gadget Museum. As her parent want to leave rushly in the museum,  Ayanna cannot even say goodbye to Kurt leaving Kurt in despair. Ayanna forgots her Tsukinoko stuffed toy wherein Kurt holds for it in many years. One day Ayanna and her schoolmates were having a field trip in the said Museum making Kurt super nervous. Kurt tries to hide as much as he can. Until then Ayanna's take-copter broke hwen flying and falls. Kurt saved her from falling. Ayanna didn't recognize him until Kurt give her back the stuffed toy, making her happy.


  • Ayana's pet Shirao (白尾) is a tanuki. His name means white tail

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