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Akira Sato
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Character Information
Full Name佐藤 昭

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BirthdayOctober 31
Place of BirthOsaka, Japan
HomeTokyo, Japan
MotherKasumi Hatsumoto
FatherMatsuo Sato (Biological Father)
Kenta Hatsumoto (Step Father
Sibling/sKichirou Hatsumoto (Half-Brother)
FriendsRiri Suzuki
Yumi Yamamoto
EnemiesMasami Suzuki
Watching TV
Doing Nothing
Washing Dishes
DislikesHer mother recalling the past
Her brother
Talents & AbilitiesSinging
Character Backround
Created byHiroppi
Date CreatedLast year
InspirationAnn (Harvest Moon)

Akira Sato (佐藤 昭) is a 10 year old girl living on Tokyo Japan with her mother, step father & half-brother.



Since Akira was born on October 31, she was given the name "Akira" because the term "Aki" means fall, the season of that day.


After a huge bus accident, her father saved 3-yr old Akira's life, but due to brain damage, Akira suffered amnesia and her father passed away. Since then, her mother has suffered depression and blames Akira for letting her father die (Which Akira doesn't remember)


Akira is very kind to people, but she is often pranked by her other classmates (especially, Masami). Other than that, she loves to watch Doraemon like Masami does.


She has a high braid with a red bow. Her clothes were exactly like Shizuka's in the 2007 movie but her overalls are red. She has red shoes & knee-sized white socks. Her skin color is light brown & she has black eyes.

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