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Jones is a lead male character in upcoming anime series Doraemon Reloaded........Jones hates to be called by his middle name Neal....... Jones is an leader of an new group in doraemon reloaded called The club. Jones will make his 1st appearance on an episode called "An New Start" in the series doraemon reloaded. Jones will make a statement in his 1st appearance.


AJ is not an boy from a rich family he is from an higher middle class family. his father robin jones is an banker in USA and his mother is an tutor in kasukabe. he lives with his aunt in nobitas town


Nobita: he is best friends with nobita since he was 5 years old

Doraemon: he is really close with doraemon he helps doraemon. thats why doraemon is going to be a important member of the club

Suneo: he is suneos best friend. suneo believes in him suneo helps him in the money matter for the club


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