Aimi Ri
利 愛美(り あいみ)
Character information
Status: Alive
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthdate: February 14
Nationality: Japanese
Habitat: Toyama, Japan (Formerly)
Nerima, Japan (Current)
Career: Chemist & Scientist (Future)
Nickname: Ri-chan/kun/san

Precious Love

Talent(s): Studying, cooking, baking
Special: Memorization
Personality: Serious, sarcastic, smart, hot headed
Interests: Sweets
Hate: Having fun, going outside
Fear: Trains
Favorite food: Chocolate
Favorite color: Black
Idol: Ichihōkō
Dream: To become a Scientist
Physical characteristics
Height: 5"0
Hair color: Black
Skin color: Fair
Eye color: Black
Parents: Marika Ri ♰

Fuji Ri ♰

Siblings: Takiko Ri
Haru Ri ♰
Jun'ichi Ri
Kin'ichi Ri
Masaichi Ri ♰
Spouse: Jake Oue
Children: Kaito Oue

Momoe Oue

Other relatives: Shizuka (cousin)
Friends: Nobita


Background infomation
First appeared: First Day at School
Japanese seiyū: Minami Takayama
English VA: Alison Viktorin
Aimi Ri
Grade: 7
Class: A
Student No.: 07-0214-48
Dorm No.: 243
Roomate: Kiriko Ayukawa
Aimi Ri is a supporting character from the series Nobita's Stories: Teen Life. She was one of the Pink Dolls, a group formed by Samantha Wilson.


Aimy was born on February 14 on Toyama, Japan. Her mother is Marika Ri (利 真梨加) and her father was Fuji Ri (利 富士). She has two older sisters named Haru & Takiko and three older brothers named Masaichi, Junichi & Kinichi. Though the family is wealthy, they get along and get together like real families do. She was given a gem named Precious Love while Haru & Takiko got Precious Smile and Precious Tear respectively.

Kaito Kid's Heist on Precious Tears

Before the heist, her sister Haru recall Kaito Kid's heist on her own gem in her last birthday. She was called Precious Smile by the thief. Surprisingly, Kaito Kid plans again the heist, this time for Takiko's Precious Tear. The Ri family and the polices failed to capture Kid for the second time. However, Aimi spots Kaito making his escape and asks if he will do the same thing to her 7th birthday. Kaito Kid said yes and Aimi said that he must promise to give her a teddy bear for her present. Kaito agrees and disappeared with a flower and a card with a message "We will meet again, Precious Love". However, Kaito doesn't appear on her birthday, most likely due to event of Kaito Kid's disappearance.

Train Accident

When Aimi is nine, she and her uses a exclusive train to move out and transfer to their new home in Nerima. While inside the train, there is a huge explosion inside. Aimi & Kinichi were safe since they went to the toilet, Junichi & Masaichi are safe as well since they eat in the resturant, Takiko was safe since her mom sacrifises herself the save her daughter and Haru & her father did not survive with an unknown reason. Due to that event every people survived on the hostage (including Aimi, Junichi, Kinichi, Masaichi & Takiko) suffered Siderodromophobia, or the fear of trains.

Masaichi's Suicide

Few weeks after the accident, Masaichi attempted suicide probably because of can't handle raising his siblings. 

Aimi's Graduation & Enrollment to Nerima High

Aimi graduated with Valedictorian status at an unnamed all-girls school. She decided to transfer to Nerima Hig along with her siblings Takiko & Kinichi. At the same time as enrolling, she discover that Masaichi don't commit suicide but he was murded by personnels of the Black Organization with the codename Dolcetto

Aimi's Inner Thoughts

Kaito Kid's Heist on Precious Love

Aimi's Wicked Past

Aimi's Graduation & Studying Abroad

10 Years in the Future


So far, only her parents,her siblings, her schoolmate Nobita & her deceased childhood friend Momiko were the only ones who called her in a first name basis. Aimi decided to consider yonger children calling by her first name (Aimi-neesan; Aimi-oneesan) Rest of her aquaintances called her by her last name Ri (Lee in English dub).

Name What Aimy calls them What they call Aimy

Nobita-san (formerly)

Nobi-kun (current)

Ri-kun (formerly)

Aimi-kun (current)

Shizuka Shizuka-kun Ri-san
Gian Takeshi-san Ri-kun
Suneo Suneo-san Ri-kun
Dekisugi Dekisugi-san Ri-kun

Ms. Popular (Ninki-san) 


Daisuke Daisuke-san Ri-kun
Samantha San-chan Ri-chan
Kiriko Neko-chan Ri-chan
Ayame Aya-chan Ri-chan
Amily Ami-chan Ri-san
Jake Jake Ri-kun
Fuji Ri Otou-san Aimi-chan
Aika Ri Okaa-san


Aka-chan (Joke)

Momiko Momy-kun Aimi-chan
Takiko Ri Taa-neechan Aimi-chan
Junichi Ri Jun-oniisan Aimi
Kinichi Ri Kin-niichan Aimi
Kaito Kid Kid-san Precious Love
Conan Edogawa Conan-kun


Ran Mouri Ran-san Ri-chan


Aimy is cold toward to her schools and even her friends. Her schoolmates called her Ri-san/kun/chan and afraid to call her Aimy. She was also serious to her studies and prefers to be inside rather going outside. She is sarcastic towards everybody especially to Samantha & Nobita. When she get angry, she has "flashy eyes" and possible, slapping somebody. She has a gloomy face all the time and rarely smiles.


She is also have a habit of pranking her friends. In a Valentines episode she pranked Nobita, Suneo & Gian as her chocolate has a filling of their favourite foods (Sashimi for Nobita, Cod Roe for Suneo & Stew for Gian). 

Taste of Fashion

She commonly wears sleeveless shirt with either leggings or jeggings. She wears doll shoes or sneakers. She occasionally wears skirts with long socks, especially when going out. She has a habit of wearing varsity or kawaii jackets when wearing sleeveless shirts.

Taste of Food

She likes sweets especially all types of chocolate. She hates spicy or sour foods.

Boy bands

Like Shizuka, Aimy idolizes several famous male stars, usually boy bands.


Her hair is short and she has see-through bangs. She has smaller eyes with purple contact lenses.



She is very cold to Nobita and dislikes talking to him. Not until the episode Aimi's Inner Thoughts, where in Nobita invites her to the amusement park to repay her for his accident on the laboratory. Because of his great shooting skills, he win a huge teddy bear for Aimi. Starting from that episode, she befriends Nobita but still cold and very sarcastic towards him. She may have developed a crush on Nobita that is hinted in later episodes.


They were best friends since childhood. Although their personalities were opposite, that makes their friendship stronger. In the episode The Cute Stalker, she protects Kiriko from her adversaries, who were jealous of her relationship to Kinichi (Aimi's older brother)


She was very close to Ayame. She considers her calm and quiet nature.



Shizuka is Aimi's 2nd cousin. They are close since young. They remain close to each other despite Aimi's change of personality.




Her IQ was 200. Though she has a short term memory, she tried her best to memorize every detail in a lesson or topic. She is usually compared to Dekisugi as they are both smart, although Dekisugi has long term memory. In graduation, she was the Top 2 in her grade, lost to Dekisugi.

Athletic Skills

She is skilled on playing soccer, basketball & Badminton. She was also skilled on throwing powerful balls as she throws balls whenever she was angry or overhears someone poking fun at her. In basketball, she said that there is a 90% that she can shoot a 3-point shot, 95% fr stealing a ball and 100% for dunking/layup. But then since basketball is for boys, she prefer not to play it and she instead playing badminton. She played badminton since six & entered competitions locally & worldwide.


She was sometimes seen singing on musical plays, privately or taking a bath or shower.

Cooking & Baking Skills

She was a very good cooker & baker, rivalling to Shizuka's skills. She prefer to bake sweet desserts as she likes sweet things, especially chocolate.


She can understand English and can translating from Japanese to English or vice versa. She is also familiar to Chinese, Korean & Arabic languages. However, she find difficult to learn Indonesian language.


"Please call me Ri-san/Ri-chan"

"Aimy-kun, call me Aimy-kun"

"If the Black Organization recognised my abilities, they will obviously recruit me, whether I like it or not"


  • Her personality was based on Ai Haibara, a character from Detective Conan
    • However, her taste of fashion was based on both Ai Haibara & Loisa Andalio.
  • She is named Aimy due to tha fact that her birthday (February 14) is Valentines Day.
  • She wants to travel around the world.
  • Her name was roughly translated to "Beauty of Love".
  • She has Siderodromophobia.
  • She is bad at acting, since she doesn't express emotions in plays. 
  • Her real romanized name was Ri Aimi. When she went to America, she write her name as Aimy Ri.
  • Her original name was Amira Hara then the name is late change to Aimi Ri.
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